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Summary of Funding

Fife Council (Parks Development & Countryside)                                               £50,000.00

BBC Scotland Film Unit---Molly & Mack                                                              £  1,400.00

NQ Church Coffee Mornings                                                                              £      133.50

NQ Village Show (September 2018)                                                                   £     500.00

Fife Environment Trust (December 2018) Conditional Grant                              £45,450.00

Rankin's Coffee Shop                                                                                         £      200.00

NQ Community Council                                                                                      £      300.00

SRJ WIndows                                                                                                     £      250.00

Residents donation                                                                                            £       130.00 

Deep Sea World                                                                                                 £      400.00     


Total funding to date:                                                                                       £  98,763.50

Fife Council

Parks Development & Countryside

Fife Council have confirmed a contribution of £50,000 towards the refurbishment of the Pierhead Play Park.


BBC Scotland Film Unit

As a form of compensation, the BBC Scotland Film Unit made contributions of £1,400 to the NQ Community Council, who kindly passed this over to the Pierhead Play Park Project Fund.   

North Queensferry Church

The church have kindly donated the proceeds from a number of Coffee Mornings, resulting in a contribution of £133.50 to date.

North Queensferry Village Show

The Pierhead Play Park Project Group were present at the North Queensferry Village Show in September 2018, and their stall brought in a tidy £179.00. The North Queensferry Heritage Trust, who organise the show, have made a further contribution from the overall proceeds to give a total of £500.00. Many thanks for this and also the support we received from the local residents on the day. Thanks again!   

Fife Environment Trust (FET)

The Project Group recently received notice of a Conditional Grant from Fife Environment Trust. The Application for this Grant was detailed and required extensive preparation. However, the hard work of the Group, and the support from the local Community, has certainly been worthwhile.    

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